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Induction Forging

Induction Forging | İndemak

Please let me briefly introduce ourselves. Indemak is one of the leading companies at Foundry Sector at Turkish market and at our neighbourhood region. Indemak produce Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnaces from 100kg to 10000kg capacity.

Indemak is also representative of pour-tech AB Company's which had installed many Laser Controlled Auto Pouring System for vertical and horizontal melding lines.

Indemak is young company but company has well experienced team members from foundry sector.

Indemak has more than 150 good references at the market . The Different Type and Different Capacity systems are melting ferrous and nonferrous metals for 5 years.

Indemak will offer best alternative system solution according to your requirements. The customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Indemak is able to modify or adapt your current furnace for increasing your capacity. You can save money with this option and no need to make a new high investment.

Indemak provides Spare Parts and Technical Service Support. Indemak solve your electronic and mechanical problems. Our service and sales regions are as follows; Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Some of Balkan Countries, Some of Middle Asia Countries, Some of Middle East Countries and Some of North Africa Countries.

Please visit our webpage to have a better idea. We wish to cooperate with you and your country. Please do not hesitate to contact with us.


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Address : Bakırlı Mah. Arpalık Sok. No:19 Sarımeşe- Kartepe / Kocaeli
Phone : +90 262 311 29 49 - 373 29 01
E-mail :
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